Saturday, 9 June 2012

FOOTBALL!!!...but first OYSTERS!!!!

So it's Saturday, I'm off work (a rarity in itself) and it's the start of  EURO 2012 but instead of vegging out on the sofa, watching TV programmes/football, eating food that will make me fatter and drinking beer all day which I plan to do later on, I decided to go to some nice italian delis and to smash some oysters in soho first!!!
Camisa has been packed with little tiny old italian women since 1961 and still is today. 

lina stores is the only sausage shop you'll catch me in around soho.
I wanted at least 1 of everything a saw today.
On kingly st. just of carnaby st.

colchester rock oysters from the east coast 
3 colchester & 3 lindisfarne rock oysters
Hitchhiking didn't work out to well for these boys

moules marninieres

and  for desserts......

Bottle of Burrow Hill cider and

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