Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Liquor, Caviar & Cow+Chicken

After my recent day trip to southern spain and making a batch of "RAZZLE DAZZLE" I'd accumalated quiet a surplus of booze in the flat and what better way to get rid of some of it than to invite a few faces round for pre- batter drinks before we all headed to the very fucking cool Tramshed restaurant in shoreditch for dinner (the newest addition to mark hixs growing restaurant empire). 
Also along with the copious amounts of booze i also had nestled in the back of the fridge a pot of caviar that id been given by Sergi from as a thank you for doing a TV demo for latvian TV for him.... that was a strange day to say the least! 
Large scenes!

Ice cold vodka, caviar and strawberry
ya ya ya caviar very up market food ya ya!
George Craig the new face of Tinned chopped pork and ham.
 not so up market food!
So after we had all put a massive dent in the "Strawberry and basil RAZZLE DAZZLE" we jumped on the northern line to old st and headed to dinner.

Table of 14 please
Damien Hirst's Cow & Chicken looks stunning!
lots of this was consumed 
also a Damien Hirst.

Isle of wight asparagus and celery salad 

Woolley park chickens seriously moist and tasty.
I love that the feet are left on... very handy for using as a tooth pick...
2x500g steaks and a whole chicken....BOOM!!
Mighty Marbled beef from Peter Hannan in northern Ireland is the dogs bollocks!
Dry aged and hung in a room of Himalayan rock salt 

behind the scenes of channel 4s new show
"FRIENDS..the early years"  less said the better.
Right everyone back to my flat. 

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