Friday, 7 September 2012

Dirty Burger

hello everyone!!
Guess what... another burger joint has opened hurray!!! "but what makes this one different from the already established big hitters" I here you say... well for a start its dangerously close to my flat (bites fist), its absolutely tiny with only one table, the menu is about the as long as my list of GCSE's (also tiny) and the only thing that you can see when you look out of the window in this place is a GYM which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside while scoffing down my sloppy burger and deep fried onion fries!! :) :) :)

Dirty burger is part of a 3 pronged attack on kentish town by the soho house group and is housed in the same building as pizza east & chicken shop and all 3 of them where rammed on a thursday night when I popped in & its great to see more places open up in kentish town which is fast becoming a foodie hotspot.

Anyway firstly we popped downstairs to Chicken shop on a reconnaissance mission as i wanted to check out the poultry competition (see what i did there wink, wink) and have a few beers, it looked good and I will defo be heading in for dinner soon.
Yep, I'm the guy taking pictures of beer mats....sorry mum.
out the way, out the way i need to take pictures!!!
After we where suitably lubricated with booze we swung round the back to Dirty burger, which looks like a it was picked up by hurricane Katrina and blown all the way from a new orleans swamp! in a good way of course.

To my delight I discovered the head chef there was a pal of mine that I used to work with! which was followed by a shout across a busy kitchen of "free drinks for theses guys".....this could get out of hand pretttty quickly!

Me and the GF ordered 2 cheese burgers, onion fries and chips and found somewhere to park our soon to be fatter arses.

Onion fries.....basically a lazy mans onion ring but still bloody tasty

Ground beef rump cap, bone marrow, beef flank in the patty HELLO!!
The burgers where great as a whole but the meat patty was AWESOME!!! After I'd polished off my first burger i just had to have another one and another order of onion fries just for good measure.

More & more free drinks kept arriving and this is when it got a bit hazy so I'll leave it at that......

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Right!!  time to get outta bed and head over to shoreditch to get my paws on a fishdog.
 ''fishdog???'' I hear you say, think tasty fish finger served hotdog sty-lee and your almost there.
I've been craving one of these bad boys for almost a year now ever since I ate around 20 in 2 days at the HIX tent down at Alex James's harvest festival last year.

The soon to be famous Fishdogs have been put on the  back burner so to speak while HIX Belgravia and the awesome Tramshed (see previous blog) opened earlier this year.
 With summer now upon us it seems like the perfect time to let the fishdog out of its proverbial cage and  in a market full with burgers and BBQ joints the timing seems perfect for this breath of fishy fresh air!

 Just round the corner from Tramshed at shoreditch's Red Market is where the Fishdog guys are dipping their toe into the market stall game until the finishing touches are put on "THE DOG MOBILE'  which will be making its debut very soon, to be fair they are a Fishdog out of water (i can go all day with the puns) at Red Market as it by far the best stall, head and shoulders above the rest in terms of creativity, originality and good old fashioned tastiness which can sometimes be overlooked in the world of hyped up street food these days.
Decide for yourself every friday at Red Market shoreditch.

follow @Fish_dogs on twitter for more info.

Not actual size!
With minted mushy peas on the bottom and i over did it with the tartar sauce,
still awesome tho!

Thursday, 26 July 2012


On a sunny monday afternoon in soho #pigsaw was born.
I had just popped in for an innocent pizza an to see the pizza pilgrims boys to de-brief on a heavy weekend of partying when james (pilgrim) and mark (marky market a meat and fish trader) casually asked  "did i fancy cooking a whole pig?" without hesitation I replied "yep" .

london's finest can be found on berwick st. mon-fri
Can you tell what it is yet?
Then James said he wanted to do porchetta and I was stating to get excited!
The venue was going to be the Endurance pub on Berwick st and considering the week earlier the kitchen there had been occupied by @pattyandbunjoe who had cooked the best burgers I've tasted throughout the whole burger wars 2012 saga it would be a hard act to follow!

so as the day turned into night we headed to the endurance for a few beers and a kitchen scout.

Here's the menu we decided on after a few pints!

So the following monday we got crackling!!!
After picking up our Fruit, veg and herbs we had forgot to get bay leaves so with the driving skillz of a young David hasslehoff a.k.a knight rider, james an I performed a 
"herb hit and run" on the bay trees outside soho's hard rock cafe..... Sorry guys! 


 Right, now with everything we needed we set to work on our "Franken-pig" it was                                                                            off to the kitchen!!

You should of paid the ransom kermit!!
Boned, stuffed, rolled and ready for roasting!
6 gentle hours roasting... hardly a 30 minute meal!
Roasted apples 
Crispy piggy tails!

With all the pieces to the #pigsaw puzzle ready to go and it nearly 7pm I popped my head into the pub which was starting to fill up with hungry pork lovers.


Snout anyone?
Couldn't slice it quick enough

WOW!! who new pigs could fly (out) the #pigsaw was paraded out to a huge round of applause and we sold every bit of it in 45mins!

who knows #pigsaw2 bigger and porkier!!! maybe????????

Big thanks to @EnduranceLDN for putting up with us. 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

FOOTBALL!!!...but first OYSTERS!!!!

So it's Saturday, I'm off work (a rarity in itself) and it's the start of  EURO 2012 but instead of vegging out on the sofa, watching TV programmes/football, eating food that will make me fatter and drinking beer all day which I plan to do later on, I decided to go to some nice italian delis and to smash some oysters in soho first!!!
Camisa has been packed with little tiny old italian women since 1961 and still is today. 

lina stores is the only sausage shop you'll catch me in around soho.
I wanted at least 1 of everything a saw today.
On kingly st. just of carnaby st.

colchester rock oysters from the east coast 
3 colchester & 3 lindisfarne rock oysters
Hitchhiking didn't work out to well for these boys

moules marninieres

and  for desserts......

Bottle of Burrow Hill cider and

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Liquor, Caviar & Cow+Chicken

After my recent day trip to southern spain and making a batch of "RAZZLE DAZZLE" I'd accumalated quiet a surplus of booze in the flat and what better way to get rid of some of it than to invite a few faces round for pre- batter drinks before we all headed to the very fucking cool Tramshed restaurant in shoreditch for dinner (the newest addition to mark hixs growing restaurant empire). 
Also along with the copious amounts of booze i also had nestled in the back of the fridge a pot of caviar that id been given by Sergi from as a thank you for doing a TV demo for latvian TV for him.... that was a strange day to say the least! 
Large scenes!

Ice cold vodka, caviar and strawberry
ya ya ya caviar very up market food ya ya!
George Craig the new face of Tinned chopped pork and ham.
 not so up market food!
So after we had all put a massive dent in the "Strawberry and basil RAZZLE DAZZLE" we jumped on the northern line to old st and headed to dinner.

Table of 14 please
Damien Hirst's Cow & Chicken looks stunning!
lots of this was consumed 
also a Damien Hirst.

Isle of wight asparagus and celery salad 

Woolley park chickens seriously moist and tasty.
I love that the feet are left on... very handy for using as a tooth pick...
2x500g steaks and a whole chicken....BOOM!!
Mighty Marbled beef from Peter Hannan in northern Ireland is the dogs bollocks!
Dry aged and hung in a room of Himalayan rock salt 

behind the scenes of channel 4s new show
"FRIENDS..the early years"  less said the better.
Right everyone back to my flat.