Thursday, 26 July 2012


On a sunny monday afternoon in soho #pigsaw was born.
I had just popped in for an innocent pizza an to see the pizza pilgrims boys to de-brief on a heavy weekend of partying when james (pilgrim) and mark (marky market a meat and fish trader) casually asked  "did i fancy cooking a whole pig?" without hesitation I replied "yep" .

london's finest can be found on berwick st. mon-fri
Can you tell what it is yet?
Then James said he wanted to do porchetta and I was stating to get excited!
The venue was going to be the Endurance pub on Berwick st and considering the week earlier the kitchen there had been occupied by @pattyandbunjoe who had cooked the best burgers I've tasted throughout the whole burger wars 2012 saga it would be a hard act to follow!

so as the day turned into night we headed to the endurance for a few beers and a kitchen scout.

Here's the menu we decided on after a few pints!

So the following monday we got crackling!!!
After picking up our Fruit, veg and herbs we had forgot to get bay leaves so with the driving skillz of a young David hasslehoff a.k.a knight rider, james an I performed a 
"herb hit and run" on the bay trees outside soho's hard rock cafe..... Sorry guys! 


 Right, now with everything we needed we set to work on our "Franken-pig" it was                                                                            off to the kitchen!!

You should of paid the ransom kermit!!
Boned, stuffed, rolled and ready for roasting!
6 gentle hours roasting... hardly a 30 minute meal!
Roasted apples 
Crispy piggy tails!

With all the pieces to the #pigsaw puzzle ready to go and it nearly 7pm I popped my head into the pub which was starting to fill up with hungry pork lovers.


Snout anyone?
Couldn't slice it quick enough

WOW!! who new pigs could fly (out) the #pigsaw was paraded out to a huge round of applause and we sold every bit of it in 45mins!

who knows #pigsaw2 bigger and porkier!!! maybe????????

Big thanks to @EnduranceLDN for putting up with us. 

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