Sunday, 3 June 2012

Strawberry and basil RAZZLE DAZZLE

So after my recent trip to spain i returned with  ALOT of duty free booze, so decided to make one of my famous flavoured vodkas for the jubilee weekend and what better to use than oakchurch farm english strawberries which this year are probably the best I've ever tasted..
So heres how to do it, give it a crack.
1ltr of good vodka, about 30 or so strawberries ( pull off the green bits) and a bunch of basil. 
Oak church farm strawberries from herefordshire. british produce at its best!
sling the strawbs in a bowl with 100ml of sugar, tear in the basil (leaves only)
& mush it all together with your hands then cover it all with the vodka.
Pour it all in a air tight jar/container and leave it for a couple of days giving it a shake twice a day
 (probably the hardest part of the whole process is having the will power to not drink it)
after a couple of days pour the mixture through a fine sieve it will be a little cloudy but
to get it lovely and clear you can pour it through a clean tea towel and let it slowly filter


  1. I look forward to trying this out, but I have a question. Does it require refrigeration during this process?

  2. Great idea! Did it this weekend and tastes delicious. You have inspired me to create other flavours. I also did a cucumber and mint vodka which was surprisingly delicious. My next ideas are rhubarb with black pepper, and carrot with ginger.

  3. cucumber and mint sounds awesome will give it a try!!